Thursday, January 28, 2010

Calling to all Who Have Good Heart and Want to Help us

I'm calling the attention of all people with a golden hearts. My grandmother now is suffering with her illness called (mayuma) i think this is cancer of the uterus or i really don't know what mayuma means is. She is now at Bohol Philippines. I left there 1992 and until now i never come back my hometown again. My nephew called as yesterday and told us that my beloved grandmother was so weak already. And her seeking us. My mother has one brother and one sister that are also here in Manila. We are both poor and nothing. We really want to see and talk our grandmother even for a last time, but we both don't know how. That's why I'm calling the attention of all who are kind and want to help us. We need to raise money for our fare and at the same time for the expenses if we're there already.

To those who want to help us, you may please send us at this address direct to us :

(Rosalita G. Moreno
98 B Kabesang Pino st. Pariancillo Villa Valenzuela City, Phil.) or at my Paypal account(

You can also contact us at #09104912963 or #09077470910, as soon as we raise, we immediately go back home. We all thank you so much...

I feel embarrass but I need to do this, because we really need help. I think this is the only way to raise as soon as possible. We are really in need. We need to raise money as soon as possible or else it is too late.

Thank you all very very much..

Friday, January 22, 2010

How to Extract DNA?

The abbreviation stands for deoxyribonucleic acid, a double-stranded nucleic acid, in which the two strands twist together to form a helix. The strands consist of sugar and phosphate groups, the sugars being attached to a base - adenine, thymine, guanine, or cytosine. In DNA the bases paired with thymine and guanine with cytosine. DNA forms the basis of inheritance in all organisms, except viruses, the DNA code being sufficient to build and control the organism. DNA is located in the nucleus of all cells; it is the substance of the chromosomes that separate out from the nucleus when cells divide, and it carries the genes, each of which is a segment of DNA molecule. A small fraction of total DNA is present in mitochondrial proteins. This DNA is passed down the female line from the mitochondria contained in the ovum.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I Was Born Today

Everyday that dawns, you must say to yourself, I was born today. The world is new to me. This light that I behold strikes my unclouded eyes for the first time. The rains that scatters its crystal drops is my big day.

Then let us live a pure life, A shining life! Already yesterday is lost. Was it bad? Was it beautiful? Let it be forgotten. And of that yesterday let there remain only the essence, the precious gold of what I loved and suffered as I walked along the road.

Today every moments shall bring feelings of well-being and cheer, and the reason for my existence, my most urgent resolve, will be to spread happiness all over the world, to pour the wine of goodness into the eager mouths around me.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

My Simple Thoughts

A. Many people were killed. Properties were damaged. Billions of pesos were lost. All because of the flash flood caused by the typhoon. The flash flood came down from the denuded mountains surrounding the town.

B. Many animals that lived in the past could no longer be seen now. Many of them died or migrated to other places because of the changes made by people in the environment. The places where these animals lived where converted into dwelling places, roads, and bridges. Trees had been cut down. Rivers and seas had become polluted.

Friday, January 15, 2010

My First Elevator Ride

I had always been afraid of heights. Just looking at the tall buildings makes my stomach churn. One day, my father brought me to his cousins office at the 20Th floor at the Ayala Building. From the ground floor, we entered a cubicle where other people were all standing. A man in uniform kept on pushing buttons with numbers which were lighted. Once in a while, the door open and people got out while some came in. I felt so enclosed and seemed to be hanging from nowhere. I just wished we would go out from this steel room. Finally, the number twenty button was lighted. The door opened. My farther and I got out from the cubicle. "whew! I just had my first ride on the elevator.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Family Size And Food Needs

A family is a universal institution made up of individuals living together because of blood relation or marriage. It is in the family where love first develop. Members show this love and affection for one another in varied ways.

The quality of life of the family is however, affected to great extent by its size. Large families with more food, compared to small ones, if all members were to be adequately nourished. Usually, smaller families can provide bigger budget for their food need since there are only few members in a large family where food is likely to be limited, choice must be done carefully to ensure the supply of nutrients needed to sustain the health of every members.

The quality of life of the family is however. affected to great extent by its size, large families are those with four (4) or more members. They need to provide more foods, compared to small families, if all members are to be adequately nourished. Usually smaller families with three (3) or less members, can provide bigger budget for their needs, since there are only few members.

Poor health results when family members do not meet their nutritional needs. Family size affects the amount of food that must be provided and made available for the consumption of members. More importantly, its affect the adequacy of nutrients that members get from what is available to eat.

Friday, January 8, 2010


Ulcer is an open sore in the skin on mucous membrane. A section of the covering membrane, the epithelium , breaks down and dies, leaving a raw area that heals slowly. A wound is not an ulcer.

Ulcers are likely to form on some part of the body which has poor blood circulation. Even a small injury on that part may lead to ulceration. The condition is common on legs with varicose veins. It is important to heal ulcers of the lips or skin, in order to prevent other conditions such as cancer from occurring.

Many persons have peptic ulcers (ulcers in the lining structure) in the stomach. Even more have peptic ulcers in the duodenum, the part of the intestine immediately below the stomach. Some of the causes or conditions that may lead to ulcers include heredity, nervous strain, poor circulation, or bad diet. But too much gastic juice is considered the real cause of stomach ulcers. Excess acid in the stomach keeps the ulcer from healing and help keep it chronic. Ulcers of this kind usually cause pain and distress in the pit of the stomach. They may sometimes bleed, and are most dangerous when they perorate (eat through) the organ. This may lead to peritonitis. Stomach ulcers are treated with alkaline drugs and careful diet. Some ulcers require surgical treatment.<>
Ulcers on the eyeball are dangerous. When a tooth ulcerates, an ulcer may form on the gum when pus has gathered around the root.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

United Nations

UNITED NATIONS (UN) is an organization of 132 nations that works for world peace and security and betterment of mankind. Countries of every part of the world belong to the UN. They range in size from Russia to the Maldives. Each member nation sends representatives to UN headquarters in New York City, where they discuss and try to solve problems.
The United Nations has two main goals: peace and human dignity. If fighting between two or more countries breaks out anywhere, the UN may be asked to try to stop it. After the fighting stops, the UN may help work out ways to keep out from the starting again. But the UN tries above all to deal with problems and disputes before they lead to fighting. It seeks the causes of war and tries to find ways to eliminate them.