Sunday, June 15, 2008

It's not Fair

Lots of things in life are not fair. Maybe your parents marriage has fallen apart. Or one of them is living away from the family in order to earn more money. Maybe you've lost a parent through death.

Is there alcoholism or some other addiction in your home? Has someone you love been victimized by the corruption and greed of others?

Circumstances like these leave you feeling like there's no way out and no one to understand you're hurts and confusion. But the fact is, God cares. He sent Jesus to show you His love and He sent His holy spirit to be wise counselor, your constant companion, and our source of comfort.

Because of the presence of the Holy Spirit, Jesus was able to reassure his followers that no matter what happened he would always be with them and see them through any difficulty-clear up to the end! He makes the same promise to you.


Maybe you think you too much living to do, so your adding hours to your day by cutting out on sleep. But does it really work?

Here's what a habit of short nights will get you (less than6 hours).
  • Difficulty waking up in the morning
  • Inability to concentrate and impaired memory
  • Falling asleep in class
  • Moodiness, irritability, depression, or anxiety

Establishing a consistent sleep routine is one of the best ways to improve our mental, physical, and emotional health.

You probably already know what caffeine( a stimulant) can do to keep you from getting the rest you need, but what about the effects of nicotine and alcohol? Both of these substances prevent you from being able to fall into a deep sleep, the kind of sleep that fuels and repairs your body for the next day....

Friday, June 13, 2008

Future Hope

Having a hard time feeling hopeful about the future?
With all this violence , craziness, and uncertainty in the world today that's understandable. If we have been placed on this earth and left to work it all out on our own we would be in for some serious trouble!

But we're not here on our own. That's why Jesus came. He came to offer us hope , both in this world and the world to come.

The place he talks about there is heaven, which is being with God after we die here in earth. Our life in heaven with him will last forever- free from tears and anything that causes fear or pain. Now that's something to look forward to! That's great, but what about right now?What about tomorrow ?

Jesus said that only people who don't know God worry about their future. On the other hand, he promised that for those who get to know him, God himself would see to it that all their needs are met!

When we put our hope ion him, God promised to live with you today on earth and one day in heaven as well. All you need to do to get this kind of hope is to put your trust in him. You take the first step- God will do the rest. Want to know how? Study the bible......

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Ohh ! Life

In the presence of others. We must know by now that each one of us cannot survive in this world alone. Our success, our happiness, our well-being, depend on others. Someone said that for excellence, the presence of others is always required. Not talent, not genius, not brilliance-but others. We need the Supreme Being. We need family, neighbors and community. We need to belong, to get involved, to keep communication lines open.

Sometimes through others we are learn to share ideas and experiences, think critically, and creatively, and express our self in clear appropriate. We are know and learn about family life , about friendship, and about getting involved in the community through sports to enable us to develop insights about others. Through others we got a better understanding not only of our self but also of others too. In other words we become a person of others.

All this learning experiences enable us to express my ideas creatively in writing like a personal narrative, and an essay. hehehehe only a bit just start learning.........

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Rizal 's famous travels

Rizal sold many copies of books, and also sent some to both friends and enemies. "This is the first impartial and daring book", he wrote to Dr. Fernand Blumentrit of Bohemia, "on the life of the Tagalogs. Filipinos will find in it their history during the fast decades. I hope you will notice how different my descriptions are from those of other writers of our time.

In a short time, Rizal became famous. However, the publications of Noli Mangered the Spanish authorities. The university of Sto. Tomas, upon prodding of Father Salvador Font, banned Rizal's novel. One of Rizal's close friends, Dr. Felipe Zamora advised him to assume another citizenship. Paciano, his elder brother was outraged and wrote to him in anger: "You decide on your departure; now let me decide the time of your return.

Inspite of the warnings of his brother and close friends, Rizal left the EUROPE and returned to the Philippines. After staying in the country for a year, Rizal packed his personal belongings, and again left for Europe by way of NORTH AMERICA.

Rizal proved to be a success in EUROPE . In 1886,he followed his early literary success by publishing in Ghent, BELGIUM, EL Filibusterismo, a sequel to the Noli. He dedicated it to the martyrs of Bagumbayan: Fathers Burgos, Gomez and Zamora. The hero got as far as ENGLAND to gather important historical materials. It was there when he discovered the invaluable work of Don Antonio de Morga, an early SPANISH historian. Rizal rush to a printer shop in PARIS, and ordered the printing of the historical records there. In 1890, Morga's Sucesos de las islas FILIPINAS came out. In 1892, Rizal decided to return to the Philippines for the second time despite the fact that he had many influential and powerful enemies thjere. Rizal was accompanied by his sister Saturnina when he left for HONKONG to ask permission from Governor Eulogio Despujol for the peaceful resettlement of his family and relatives. What Rizal got was banishment to Dapitan in Mindanao where he live for four years. He made good use of his stay in the far-flung island by teaching young boys, improving the lot of the people through numerous projects, and continuing his medical practice. He also met and married Josephine Brachen, and Irish-Chinese in Dapitan.

Governor-General Blanco agreed, on July 1, 1896, to let him leave the country on a medical mission to Cuba. He was, however, arrested in SPAIN before he even got to Cuba, and was shortly transferred to another ship bound to MANILA where charges of sedition and treason were already prepared by his enemies.

In a mock trial, Rizal was soon found guilty of high crime; treason and rebellion. Governor-General Camilo Polavieja, who succeeded Governor-General Blanco, at once decreed the execution of Rizal on DEC. 30, 1896. The night before his death, the hero wrote ''Mi Ultimo Adios'' in his cell of fort Santiago. The poem remains to be one of the greatest poems of our time.

In Bagumbayan, DR. Jose P. Rizal shed his blood, his supreme sacrifice in testimony of the profoundness and dept of his love for his suffering country and people.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

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Sunday, June 1, 2008


Fernando Ma. Guerrero stands above his contemporaries. Born on May 30, 1873 in Ermita, Manila, he was the greatest lyric poet of his generation. Spanish speaking people regarded him as a literary genius and lyricist of superior order. As well taken by Fernando M. Maramag, "Guerrero, poet and patriot of the first order, had touched the life of his people at many points."

Guerrero's parents were Don Lorenzo Guerrero, a noted painter and Doña Clemencia Ramirez, a highly educated woman. He is known a chiefly as a poet, but his talent does not lie there alone. A musician, a journalist, a politician, a painter, Fernando Ma. Guerrero above all was a patriot. His poetry in Spanish sang glorious deeds of our heroes and the fine beauty of our ladies.

Guerrero was blessed with a good education. He was given good books on many subjects such as music and art. The Ateneo de Manila gave him a Bachelor of Arts Degree; the University of Santo Tomas his law degree.

Guerrero was at heart a poet, not a lawyer. His days were filled with poetry, writing, painting, piano and flute playing.
He fought for Filipino cause with his pen during the Revolution. His writing published in the newpapers inspired the people to seek liberty. Together with General Antonio Luna, Guerrero edited La Independecia (Indepence), the organ of the Revolution. Two of his poems, "Mi Patricia" (My Country) and "Gladiator" were printed in La Independecia. He used the pen names Fulvis Gil and Gil and Gil Rosas.

Guerrero was editor of two newspapers, El Renacimiento (Rebirth) and La Opinion (The Opinion). After the Revolution, Spain honored him by making him member of the Real Acadamia de Lengua Español (Royal Academy of the Spanish Language) of Madrid. He tried writing English poems. Some of them were "Come to Me", "Forevermore", "Where Is May?" and "Far for Thee".

His important poems were collected in 1914 in a volume, Crisalidas. The poems which expresses best Guerrero's ardent love for the Philppines are "La Bandera", "El Dolor de las Cuartillas Virgenes", and "Mi Patria". His "Marcha Funebra de Chopin" and "Maria Clara" were given excellent sound, color and image.

Wanting to serve his countrymen, he ran for public office and became councilor of Manila, General Secretary of the Philippines Independence Commision, Secretary of the Philippine Assembly in 1907. After a glorious stint in government service he died on June 12, 1929 in his ancestral home in Ermita, Manila-a fulfilled man.