Thursday, November 25, 2010

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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Selecting and Arranging Fruits and Vegetables

Select fruits and vegetables that are fresh and have good color. Vegetables should be crisp. Fruits should not be overripe, soft, bruised, moldy and underripe. Choose the maturity of fruits as specified in the recipe. Infested fruits and vegetables which are blemished, covered with mold and those that are underripe or overripe should be separated from the rest and disposed of. Choose fruits and vegetables that are in season.

Method / Characteristics of the Products

1. Jam - Mature and well ripened or slightly underripe; small fruits are preferred as well as those rich in pectin and acid such as santol, guava and papaya.

2. Freezing - Uniformly ripe fruits; mature; free from blemishes; frozen as they are harvested.

3. Slating - Green mangoes, santol, cucumber, onions, cauliflower, beans and other young, fresh and tender vegetables.

4. Drying - Young, frsh and tender vegetables.

5. Jelly - Ripe fruits with very distinct flavor such as guava and santol; rich in pectin and acid.

6. Pickling - Fruits and vegetables that are frim, fresh and free from blemishes; large, dark colored cucumbers.

7. Canning - Fresh, firm and crisp vegetables.

8. Candy/ Glaze - Fruits that are firm, mature and fully ripe.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

How to Purchase Food

Foods are purchased in different ways, by competitive formal or informal bid buying, open market buying, and contract buying.
These techniques are practiced in large business establishments. Sealed bids specifications.
The most commonly used method of food buying is open market buying where price quotations are requested verbally from one or more vendors/ dealers and food is ordered in terms favorable to buyers.
Negotiated buying is the purchase of food items wherein production of which is seasonal, limited or restricted. It is a semi-formal way of buying where rules and regulations are less restricted than competitive bid buying.
In contract buying, food is purchased through an agreed upon contract. Purchase of food is routinary and prices remain about the same over a period of time.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Physical Fitness

Physical fitness has been defined as the ability to carry out daily tasks with vigor and alertness without undue fatigue and ample energy to enjoy leisure time pursuits and to meet unforseen emergencies. A good level of fitness is important for leading a healthy life. Aside from providing you with energy for work, leisure, and emergencies, physical fitness aids in the prevention of hypokinetic diseases such as such as heart disease, hypertension, osteoporosis, and others. It may also help us to make the most of our mental capacities, feel good and energetic, and make the most of what life has offer.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Guidelines in Buying Fish

Fish and shellfish are daily food for people near coastal areas and inland waters. Modern ways of fish harvesting, processing and packaging have made fish and shellfish available throughout the year. Fish are classified as fin fish if they have skeletal bones and shellfish if they live in a shell and have no bones. Fin fish are further classified as fresh water and salt water fish. Shellfish are classified as mollusks and crustaceans.
Fresh and frozen fish are available on different forms, depending on the size of the fish, bone structure and shape. Fish are bought live, whole, dressed, fillet, steak, chunk, by chunk, by portions and sticks. The price of fish varies with the form in which it is purchased, the harvest season, maketability and consumer demands. Fish and shellfish are bought fresh, frozen, canned or cured.

Thursday, September 2, 2010


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Every single one of their members is required to follow strict safety policies that are required by standards of the National Highway Traffic Administration. And these organization does not sell anything; rather they are at the forefront of promoting safe driving and equipment for disabled people.

NMEDA has both dealers and Quality Assurance Program (QAP) dealers. QAP is a recognized accreditation program that tackles Adaptive Mobility Equipment Industry. It adheres to the principle that the only way to satisfy customer consistently is to have a systematic and documented approach to quality in order to serve their customers and be sure of their satisfaction.

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Monday, August 23, 2010

Mechaics in Applying for a Job

Looking for a job is difficult if one lacks experience and training. It is even more difficult if one is not aware of the mechanics in applying for a job.
Here are some helpful tips to all job seekers.
1. Read newspaper, ads or watch TV ads
2. Know yourself and your qualifications
3.Know the job you are applying for
4. Know the requisites of employment
5. Prepare to apply-bring all credentials needed for the job; clearances, certificate, etc.
6. Talk to the manager owner
7. Undergo training if required
8. Sign an agreement
9. Start if hired

Monday, August 16, 2010

Measures to Adopt for Success on Marriage

Few are do not know that marriage requires continuous adjustments of both husband and wife.The moment a partner refuses to adjust, then the marriage is failure. Success in marriage depends upon the efforts and sacrifices of the couple in their day relationship. The success of a married life is measured in terms of the following:
1. Commitment- When there is commitment then the marriage will surely last. Commitment will eventually erase all doubts and conflicts of both the husband and wife.
2. Satisfaction and happiness of all the members- these are the results of cooperation, understanding and love for one another.
3. Social expectation of the community and society- the kind of family that a successful marriage produces contributes to ab successful community and society as a whole. They serve as models for other families to emulate.
4. Personal and social development of husband and wife- The responsibilities of both husband and wife does not end in the performance of their duties at home but also developing and improving themselves personally and socially.
5. meeting family needs- meeting the needs of the family is a tested formula for happy married life. Both husband and wife must strive to meet the physical, social, emotional and other needs of the family.
6. Respect and understanding of each other- when couple show respect and understanding to each other, the atmosphere permeates the entire family.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Historical Note

Cartesian Coordinate System
Did you know that Rene Descartes (1596-1650), is one of the greatest scientists of the 17th century, devised and used two perpendicular number lines to identify points in a plane. This is the reason why it is called the Cartesian Coordinate System.
It was Descartes who founded Analytic Geometry, and established the link between algebra and geometry through graphing. However, he did not consider himself a mathematician because of his great love for philosophy. Today, he is often, referred to as the ''Father of Modern Philosophy''.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Long and Thin Legs

Women fortunate enough to have been born tall and with long legs can usually get away with any type of shoes. If the length of your legs bothers you, wear low-heel strappy shoes. The horizontal bands of the shoes can help ''break up'' the length of your legs. Higher heels will actually make your legs look longer, so stick with lower heels. But I suggest keep your legs looking long.

If you have long legs and are planning to wear boots, be sure that they don't end half way up your calf at the widest part. That will make your legs look thicker.

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Factors to Consider in Choosing a Lifetime Partner

Selecting a lifetime partner can sometimes be planned or it can happen suddenly. To some, it requires a lot of knowing, accepting or respecting until he/she finds that special someone.

Some people upon having a stable job may consider marriage as the next step to attend to his/her life. In the process of selecting one's mate, several factors must be considered.

1. Physical attractiveness -to some, this is the first to consider.

2. Propinquity or nearness - people who are always together because they do things together gets attracted to each other.

3. Basic similarities - similarity of religion, ethic groups or social status can be a factor in selecting a certain individual whom you may consider to be your future mate.

4. Common interest - people got attracted to each other because of common set of values or interest or are able to enjoy common activities.

5. Reciprocal feelings - young people have the notion that because a certain individual is attracted to him/her he or she also gets attracted to the same person.

6. Practicality - when a person is referred by another because of his/her looks, age and his/her family background.
a cat makes life fun

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Avoiding Signs of Nervousness

Everyone is nervous when he stands before a group. It is learning to hide nervousness, or disguise it, that is the trick. A quivering voice trembling hands, quaking knees-none of these inspires confidence. You must learn to relax and give the impression of quite self-confidence that will make your audience respect you.

The fist step in appearing confident is to be confident. Know well what you are going to say and how are you going to say it. When you are sure of yourself, your audience will sense your confidence and they will be interested in hearing what you have to say.

As you wait your turn to speak, you may find yourself questioning anxiously: Do I remember the opening? What was that statistics? Did I jot down enough notes? This last-minutes tenseness is common but controllable. You have already prepared your speech; remembering that fact will help you to remain calm. Try breathing deeply and imagine the feeling of satisfaction you will have when your speech is successfully completed. Focus your attention on the speaker now giving his talk. When it is your turn, step forward calmly, glance at the audience, and begin speaking to them confidently.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Free Video Email Service

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Features of the mailVU free video mail include:
Easy to use----Because as I mention already no account required and no software to download.
Mobile Phone Friendly----Video mails play on most smart phones.
Self Destruct Option----User sets criteria on number of views/days for deletion.
Private----Video emails are sent to specific people, and can be retracted.
Email Friendly----because there are no large files to consume an inbox.

This is so much better than using Youtube or a Video Chat like Skype. It's because when you use we are creating a private moment between two people. Unlike YouTube you must share with the world and in Skype we need to be online at the same time. MailVU is so simple you just push the video to the other person's email inbox. This can be created, and read at any time.

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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Ways on how to maintain friends

1. Don't speak ill to your friends.
2. Don't be possessive and narrow minded.
3. Be honest enough to admit and acknowledge your own mistakes.
4. Also be careful in times of needs.
5. Don't contradict your friends directly.
6. Minimizing asking favors is also important.
7. And also borrowed things should be returned promptly.

Monday, July 12, 2010

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Friday, July 9, 2010

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Friday, July 2, 2010

General Impression

From the moment you walk unto the stage or to the front of the room, your listeners from impressions of you. These impressions reflect on what you have to say. If, dressed in blue jeans and a sweat shirt, you begin to deliver a formal address, on your judgment is immediately questioned. The same would be true if you stood before your class in black coat and tie to give a book report. When speaking in public, you should look relaxed, clean, and neat. Shined shoes, brushed hair, well-pressed clothes-all ass to the good impression you want to make. Your general appearance, like your manner, should not call attention to itself; it should be neither contrived and theatrical nor careless and sloppy.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Happy Birthday!

Today is my best friend's birthday. Her name is Alsheren Gallardo, you call her hen!. Hen is a good friend to me, a kind and generous person that i met. She is always beside me even if in good and bad times. So now, I would like to greet Hen in her 15th Birthday!. Thanks Hen for all, and for being always here to me. I wish more birthday to come and blessings! ..

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Expressive Words

Many words have two kinds of meaning denotation, a basic and literal meaning, and connotation, an associated meaning that implies or suggest more than it specifically denotes. For example, Kundiman not only denotes Filipino music but suggest a love song, usually melancholy and plaintive, sung by a discouraged lover to the girl he admires.

The denotation and connotation of a word or phrase determine its expressiveness. When we are explaining or arguing, we use specific words that are exact and appropriate; and the words are chosen primarily for their denotation (actual meaning). However, when we are telling stories or writing description or verses, we choose words that are rich in connotation (suggestive meaning) to stimulate the imagination and arouse the feelings of our listeners and readers.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Back To School Again!

Hi Guys! I just update my blog today!

We did Exam Yesterday! I thought the test yesterday was about lessons in my 2nd year, but it was not! Maybe it's 3rd year lessons already.

Our teacher said that it's only a test of what we are already know.!

Sorry guys! I can't update my blog everyday, beginning today because I'm a bit busy in school. Maybe can do update every 2 or 3 times a week. HAPPY READING!!!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Do you have motivation?

Determine whether you really want to succeed in your career. If you are serious in your career goals, then you will do whatever takes, within ethical limits, to succeed.

Some people want a promotion, but they are not willing to put in the effort to train themselves; show that they can perform; be there for the company, the team, and their bosses when they are most needed; or prove that they can be team players and work well with others. Some are not willing to read a book to sharpen their thinking. Some are not willing to leave their houses a little earlier to make sure they are on time at the office all the time. Some might even be subconsciously afraid of the added responsibility that a promotion will bring.

In these cases, your wish for a promotion will not be granted. On the other hand, if you really desire a promotion, then, bring dirty tricks, you will do everything to deserve the promotion. Then, promotion becomes a "gift" which your employer will willingly give you and not a "right" that must be demanded.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

The best way to pack that BALIKBAYAN box

Yes, we Filipinos are unstoppable shoppers and pasalubong monsters whenever we travel. The problem is, we always seem to forget that after all that shopping will come a day when we have to pack. 3M share some tips to help us get through that dreadful packing day:

  • Getting prepared. Gather these materials before you even start packing: permanent marker, pencil, scissors, calculator, garbage bags, knife, 3M Scotch Masking Tape, 3M Scotch Packaging or Duct Tape, weighing scale. Ask your airline what their allowable weight limit is.
  • Getting sturdy. Reinforce your balikbayan box before stuffing it with your goodies by lining the bottom, corners, and sides with 3M Packaging or Duct Tape. Then line the entire box with garbage bags to keep your things from spilling, just in case your box accidentally opens.
  • Getting organized. Group all products together according to category: breakable, non breakables, liquid bottles. Wrap all breakables with bubble wrap or clothing like socks and sweaters. Use non-breakables like canned goods and books to line the bottom of the box. Seal all bottled liquids like shampoo, lotion, perfume with 3M Masking Tape to keep them from spilling.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

SSS and Pag-ibig

How many years have you been contributing to these institutions?

Do you know that you are entitled to a cash loan and possibly a housing loan at very affordable interest rates?

Research on your benefits and you might want to use your locations.

Someone once said, "Money not taken cared of is money lost." There are many opportunities awaiting us, many investments we have not seen or heard of yet. There are many money traps we can fall into if we neglect to do simple things like paying bills on time or balancing checkbooks regularly. The only way to get rid of this phenomenon in our lives is to manage money properly and be diligent in our system of updating and budgeting . Take time out each day to do your homework, and you'll realize that many money problems can be avoided if we just plan and manage our money properly.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Landforms of the Philippines

Let us start this section by giving a general description of our country. The Philippines is made up of islands, some 7,107 of them; hence, it is described as fragmentary.

The name of our country is also followed by "archipelago", a term derived from the Greek expressions archi- (which means chief ) and pelagos (which means sea ). The term refers to any sea with many islands or to such a group islands.

The country is divided into three geographic areas. These are: (a) Luzon, which is the largest of 7,107 islands; (b) Mindanao, which is the second largest; and (c) the Visayas, the principal islands of which are Samar, Negros, Panay, Mindoro, Leyte, Cebu and Bohol.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Did You Know?

Water enters the roots of plants and reaches all parts of plant body primarily through capillarity, although there are other factors that facilitate the process. Most big plants have very fine tubes, called xylem vessels through which water travels inside the plant body. In the leaves, you can see bundles of these tubes in the form of leaf veins.

Friday, May 28, 2010

The Nature Of Forces

  • The force applied on an object may cause the object to move, to change its speed or direction of motion, or to stop moving altogether.
  • Work is accomplished when force applied on an object causes that object to mive in the direction of the force.
  • The force needed to do work is supplied by some forms of energy - mechanical, heat, etc.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Factors to Consider in Harvesting to Command Good Price

1. Gather farm products especially leaves in the morning to have the best flavor and appearance.

2. Care should be observed in harvesting and until they reach the market to avoid damage and bruises.

3. Sort out crop products according to ripenness, size and quality. Crops of uniform ripenness should be packed together to avoid rotting. Uniform size and quality is also considered in packing.

4. All root crops should be washed after harvest. Drain water and let it air dry before storing or marketing.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Living Room

The living room is considered as the center of the house. It is in this place where you meet other members of the family, your relatives, friends and guests. It is therefore necessary to make this place restful and cheerful. The color scheme should be planned so that each member of the family feels relaxed and happy. Avoid colors that are very delicate and feminine. These colors might make men and boys uncomfortable. In the same manner, bold and strong colors should be avoided to prevent women and girls from feeling overpowered or overwhelmed. This room is used in many ways with a variety of pieces of furniture and furnishings, than any other room of the house. It is therefore imperative to use a simple color scheme. Too much color will make the room appear cluttered and give the effect of restlessness.

Monday, May 17, 2010


Families today are more aware of their needs. This awareness enables them to provide for better facilities than those found in houses in the past. People now desire for a more convenient and comfortable home arrangement, time and energy saving gadgets or equipment, durable and attractive construction materials and good sites. In most instances, these needs result in more expensive housing but at the same time add to a greater value.

Friday, May 14, 2010


Badminton is the most enjoyable racket games that can be played by male & female of any age or skill level. The games can be played by single or double. Badminton is played over the net using a shuttlecock being struck before it lands on your court, back to the opponents court. You need quick reflex and a physically fut body in order to cope with the game.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Values, Attitudes and *Interests

Values, attitudes and interests affect you as you grow and change and make choices for your future. Your individuality is reflected on the values you esteem, the attitudes you express, and the things that intrigue you.

Values are learned from one's culture, environment, family, friends and individual experiences. The church, print media and television also play an important role in the formation of individual groups or familial value patterns. Some values are seen held high by a culture. Take the filipino family as an example. It gives so much importance to education as a liberating factor from poverty.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Team Sports Buying Guide

Team sports is one of the exciting entertainment of our youth today, even in those aged still wanted to like it as recreation and exercise as well. By participating everybody needs the selection of equipment, but they have only less time to spend looking for a quality and of course affordable products.

People today mostly search products that they need through internet. For someone like to play multiple sports you can save time if you buy through online stores. I think this is the right way and place to shop. Visit and check team sports buying guide that shopwiki offers us. If your son loves baseball, and softball you will find the guidance on this website. The portal shows the complete gears including the merchandise that you will surely love.

Or whether your looking for football, soccer, or even cheerleading, you name it they have every sports that you would need and sites for great deals. They have over 10 stores or websites that had the ball for sale and the prices are all in one page. This is very convenient, no need to use search engines and it is less time.

Every time you need to purchase new team sports items visit for your shopping convenient.

Friday, April 30, 2010


Clauses are introduced by word if in a conditions. They have two types, the open and the factual conditions.

In open/factual conditions, the speaker states a condition that may or may not be fulfilled.


If + s + (verb - present).... + will ...

If Roel will not study, he will not pass.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


A. A gerund must always end in -ing. It is formed by adding -ing to the first principal part of the verb.


write - writing

exercise - exercising

plan - planning

B. The gerund is always used as a noun. (Subject, Direct Object, Predicate Nominative, Object of the Preposition, Appositive, Indirect Object, Object Complement)

C. Since gerund is formed from a verb, it maybe modified by an adverb. (Adverb distinctly in sentence 8 modifies the gerund speaking which is a subject.)

D. Gerund may havean object. Other verb complements may also follow the gerund. (Noun button is object of the gerund pushing, which is the object of the preposition by.)

Monday, April 26, 2010

Basic Electrical tools, equipment and their Uses

Pliers - are available in diff. types, shapes and sizes.

Screw Drivers - comes in various sizes and with several tips, shapes.

Drilling Equipment - is needed to make holes in building structures passage of conducts wire.

Sawing and Cutting Tools - commonly used by electrician include the crossout, keyhole and hacksaw.

Soldering Equipment

Hammers - are used w/ chisels & for nailing & filting.

Measuring Tools - such as extension rate. Push pull tape, rule, steel tape.

Miscellaneous tools and Equipment

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Different Methods of Planting Fruit Trees

- Deep Hole Method - used for barefoot seedlings and for potted stocks.

a. Dig a 20-50 cm. hole

b. Set the plants, using planting hole.

c. Fill the hole w/soil topsoil maybe placed at the center and subsoil, both side.

- Slit Method

a. Plunge the grub hoe, then pull to make a slit in soil.

b. Open the soil by handle downward.

c. Place the tree seedling into opening, open depth must cover the entire foot.

d. Plunge the grub a inch from the seedling and pull up the handle upward to close to slit.

e. Close the hole, avoid sleeping the seed.

-Trench Method

a. Thrust like spade w/planting position

b. Do same on the opposite, make V shape

c. Place on center of the hole.

d. Avoid stamping the seed.

- Center Hole Method

a. The hole should be large, separate top soil from subsoil.

- Slide Hole Method

a. Place the seedling to one side hole and fill w/soil.

- Cone Method

a. Make a hoel to farm a cone inside using topsoil.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Common Pests & Diseases & Their Control





When the animals keep on scratching their bodies

Barns & fences should be thoroughly clean & disinfect in 2% of aerosol or other cochlear disinfect.


Animals suffer from intense itching, inflammation, restlessness and lost of hair.

All pens & barns should keep clean & satisfied.

Hog Cholera

Are hemorrhagic the body organs & tissues show deep red spcet & lerotches





Gradual loss of weight chronic cough, and slow wasting away of body tissue

To treat the sick animal segregate it keep it in warm clean pace feed well

Food and Mouth Disease

High fever salvation and foam of the sides of the mouth, loss of appetite of leeside

Segregate the animal and report immediately to the BAL. The is buried. The premises are clean & sanitize to prevent disease from lecurring


High temperature & restlessness followed by depression, spasm, convulsion and death bloody discharge comes from the mouth genes other openings

The animals and the contamined materials are destroy buried or burned. Other infected or treated and the health ones, vaccinated.

Bovine Mastitis

Redness and swelling of affects parts reduced milk flow or market changed appearance of the secretion

Segregate the affected animal, clean and disinfect the quarries frequently

Hog Cholera

Inflammation of the lymphatic glands, kidney, lungs, intestine and skin. The lesions

Immunizing the pig w/ hog cholera vaccines.

Monday, April 19, 2010

The Importance of A Family Budget

Budget - is a plan as how family income should be spent

In budgeting, one considers the size of the family, its income, the needs of the family, and the locality where the family lives. Only when these factors are considered can the family have an Operation Budget.

Operational Budget - is a plan of family income is to be spent to provide for the family needs w/o incuring debs or deficits.

Saving - can grow in the from of investenant investing by putting your money into same thing that offers good profit will increase the income of the family.

To make family budgeting a faithful an satisfactory task the ff. pointers should be keep and mind.

1. Know your income

2. Determine your fixed and flexible expenses

3. Base the budget on a system of priorities

4. Have a record of expenses.

5. Make allowances for savings

Most Important

1. Food

2. Shelter

3. Clothing

4. Education

5. Household Operation

6. Utilities

7. Medical & Dental Care

8. Rest and Recreational

9. Savings

10. Jewelry

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Preparing a Food Budget for Lunch and Supper

Factors must be considered
1. Income - The higher the income, the bigger is the amount spent for food.

2. Size and Composition of the family
The bigger the family the bigger is the budget for food.

3. Social status of the family - A family of high social status entertain guest often which requires a big budget.

4. Food likes and dislikes of family members.

5. Current Food Prices

6. Knowledge and Skills of the Home maker good money Management helps minimize expenses for food.

The meal planner should know how to adjust the daily budget whenever needed. It she spends more in one day, her budget the next day is affected.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Efficient Management of Home Activities

Management is simply defined as the successful use of time, money and effort. This include personal and family living. Food, housing, clothing how to spend and invest your income the way you use talent and energy.

Management consists of all activities under brew to achieve certain goals and objectives.

Phases of Home life that requires skillful Management are the following:

1. Family adjustment

2. Budgeting the family income

3. Feeding the family

4. Clothing the family

5. Arranging and decorating the house

6. Keeping the house and Surrounding Convenient comfortable, safe and healthful

* Activities at home can be managed efficiently through the diff.

1. Family Membership who are physically strong can do the housekeeping, cleaning, home repair and maintenance.

2. Assigning task to family members.

3. Resources at home such as working across lightning fixtures should be given periodic checking to ensure efficient operation.

4. Entrepreneurial activity can be engaged in by children land other family members who have the interest experienced and training.

Decision Making : An aspect of Home Making is an important aspect of Management. Skill in Decision Making are first learned at how w/c is good training ground for family Member.

Aspect of Decision Making

1. Identifying the problem

2. Obtaining Information and formulating courses of action

3. Selecting the course of action

4. Family members participation on decision making.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Importance Of Family Adjustment

Following are pointers worth practicing to help bring harmonious relationship in the family.

1. Father, Mother and children will relate to one another if each one accept and does one's duty and responsibilities.

2. Children must love, obey and respect their parents who in turn should show love, understanding, consideration and concern for their welfare.

3. The golden rule "do into others as you would want others to do unto you "Shild be practiced by all members of the family.

4. Hold family council seasons when all members are at home to worked problems and difficulties.

5. Hold recreational activities to bring the family closer together and give members opportunity to enjoy each other companies.

6. Give and take relationship contribute to family adjustment.

7. Praying together faster close family in the home.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Uses of Plants in Agriculture and Industry

1. Beverages form Plants
Aside from the basic food we eat, plants are used as source of beverages. Coffee, tea and
cocoa are prepared by steering plant substances in hot water. Other drinks are ready made nature. Orange, lemon and grape juice; coconut milk; apple cider and apricot nectar are examples. Still, other beverages come from processed plant such as the "cola" drink from the cola nut of tropical America.

2. Clothing from Plants
Cotton, piƱa and abaca are used for clothing. Other man made fibers like rayon are
manufactured chiefly from cellulose, a plant product. Plants also furnish most of the dyestuff with which cloth are colored.

3. Shelter from Plant Materials
In the Philippines, most of the houses are made of bamboo. Within the home, the furniture
are chiefly on wood of plant fiber cloth. The wall covering is of paper, the paint are dried films of linseed oil and cork.

4. Plants in Medicines
Many medical plants discovered by primitive people are still in use today. The chemical
substances known as antibiotics are produced by the lowly bacteria and molds. Many plants like squash, ampalaya and malunggay are invaluable sources of vitamins. Some plant drugs are violent poisons and habit-forming narcotics.

5. Man Burns Plants For Fuel
Coal, oil and gas are the chief feeds used for heating and cooking. Wood continues to be burned
by heating in many parts in the world. Charcoal, a wood product, is an important fuel in countries where other fuels are unavailable.
Some plant seeds are the chief sources of cholesterol-free vegetable oils.

6. Plants For Recreation and Conservation
We must not forget to mention that plants make pleasant surroundings. The color and scent of flowers in gardens and hothouses, in national and local parks undeniably add beaty to such places .

Saturday, April 10, 2010


Vitamins participate in many biochemical reactions. They are, therefore, essential to basic life processes such as the conversation of food to energy, tissue growth and repair, and resistance of diseases. They must be present in the body in their proper proportions to enable it to function correctly. The absence of lack of the different vitamins will prevent the body from performing its normal/regular function . . . to maintain life.

Vitamins are classified into groups, fat soluble vitamins and water soluble vitamins.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Cousin's Graduation Day

This is Graduation of My Cousin last March 26, 2010. CONGRATULATION!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Improving Your Speech

People judge you by what you do or say. The way you appears to others reveals your personality. Your speech - the words you use, how you use them, and the tone of your voice - is also directly related to your personality. What do you think of the girl who mumbles when she speaks? Do you respect the boy who uses coarse language?

Here are some tips you should observe when you speak:

First of all, speak clearly. This will make your voice pleasing and your message well understood. Do not swallow your words. Learn to control your breathing. Shallow breathing prevents you from speaking clearly. Fill your lungs with air, expand your chest, and your raise your shoulders and throw them back.

Secondly, speak in a moderate tone of voice. Girls' voices are pitched higher than boys'. Study what pitch is pleasing and easy for you, and speak in that pitch. Remember that a loud high-pitched voice is irritating. Likewise, if you speak low and too softly, your listeners will gave to strain themselves to hear what you are saying and may soon simple ignore you.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Expressing One's Viewpoint on an Issue

A quotation states "Half the world is composed of people who have something to say and keep on saying it." The quotaion seems to imply that if you have something to say express your own viewpoint.

There are many isssues around us particularly on ecology and environment. In this lesson, you will express your own opinion on an issue you feel strongly about. Your purpose will be persuade someone to agree with you.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Searching for Patterns in Sequences: Arithmetic, Geometric and others

Meaning of Sequence:
Did you know that a sequence or progression is a set of numbers written in a special order by the application of a definite rule. Each number of the sequence is called a term. The first number is called the first term, followed by the second term, third term and so on.
Illustrative Examples:--------------Rule
A. 1,4,9,16,25.......................................Squaring counting numbers from 1 to 5
B. 2,4,6,8,10.........................................Every term after the first is obtained by adding 2
to the preceding one.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Keeping the Surroundings Clean

There is nothing more pleasing than seeing a clean and orderly surroundings. It will contribute to the well-being of the family members.

Ornamental plants used as hedges, potted flowering plants such as roses, daises, dwarfed yellow bells and a small backyard vegetable garden, could bring an air of pleasantness and freshness in the surroundings.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Calling to all Who Have Good Heart and Want to Help us

I'm calling the attention of all people with a golden hearts. My grandmother now is suffering with her illness called (mayuma) i think this is cancer of the uterus or i really don't know what mayuma means is. She is now at Bohol Philippines. I left there 1992 and until now i never come back my hometown again. My nephew called as yesterday and told us that my beloved grandmother was so weak already. And her seeking us. My mother has one brother and one sister that are also here in Manila. We are both poor and nothing. We really want to see and talk our grandmother even for a last time, but we both don't know how. That's why I'm calling the attention of all who are kind and want to help us. We need to raise money for our fare and at the same time for the expenses if we're there already.

To those who want to help us, you may please send us at this address direct to us :

(Rosalita G. Moreno
98 B Kabesang Pino st. Pariancillo Villa Valenzuela City, Phil.) or at my Paypal account(

You can also contact us at #09104912963 or #09077470910, as soon as we raise, we immediately go back home. We all thank you so much...

I feel embarrass but I need to do this, because we really need help. I think this is the only way to raise as soon as possible. We are really in need. We need to raise money as soon as possible or else it is too late.

Thank you all very very much..

Friday, January 22, 2010

How to Extract DNA?

The abbreviation stands for deoxyribonucleic acid, a double-stranded nucleic acid, in which the two strands twist together to form a helix. The strands consist of sugar and phosphate groups, the sugars being attached to a base - adenine, thymine, guanine, or cytosine. In DNA the bases paired with thymine and guanine with cytosine. DNA forms the basis of inheritance in all organisms, except viruses, the DNA code being sufficient to build and control the organism. DNA is located in the nucleus of all cells; it is the substance of the chromosomes that separate out from the nucleus when cells divide, and it carries the genes, each of which is a segment of DNA molecule. A small fraction of total DNA is present in mitochondrial proteins. This DNA is passed down the female line from the mitochondria contained in the ovum.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I Was Born Today

Everyday that dawns, you must say to yourself, I was born today. The world is new to me. This light that I behold strikes my unclouded eyes for the first time. The rains that scatters its crystal drops is my big day.

Then let us live a pure life, A shining life! Already yesterday is lost. Was it bad? Was it beautiful? Let it be forgotten. And of that yesterday let there remain only the essence, the precious gold of what I loved and suffered as I walked along the road.

Today every moments shall bring feelings of well-being and cheer, and the reason for my existence, my most urgent resolve, will be to spread happiness all over the world, to pour the wine of goodness into the eager mouths around me.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

My Simple Thoughts

A. Many people were killed. Properties were damaged. Billions of pesos were lost. All because of the flash flood caused by the typhoon. The flash flood came down from the denuded mountains surrounding the town.

B. Many animals that lived in the past could no longer be seen now. Many of them died or migrated to other places because of the changes made by people in the environment. The places where these animals lived where converted into dwelling places, roads, and bridges. Trees had been cut down. Rivers and seas had become polluted.

Friday, January 15, 2010

My First Elevator Ride

I had always been afraid of heights. Just looking at the tall buildings makes my stomach churn. One day, my father brought me to his cousins office at the 20Th floor at the Ayala Building. From the ground floor, we entered a cubicle where other people were all standing. A man in uniform kept on pushing buttons with numbers which were lighted. Once in a while, the door open and people got out while some came in. I felt so enclosed and seemed to be hanging from nowhere. I just wished we would go out from this steel room. Finally, the number twenty button was lighted. The door opened. My farther and I got out from the cubicle. "whew! I just had my first ride on the elevator.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Family Size And Food Needs

A family is a universal institution made up of individuals living together because of blood relation or marriage. It is in the family where love first develop. Members show this love and affection for one another in varied ways.

The quality of life of the family is however, affected to great extent by its size. Large families with more food, compared to small ones, if all members were to be adequately nourished. Usually, smaller families can provide bigger budget for their food need since there are only few members in a large family where food is likely to be limited, choice must be done carefully to ensure the supply of nutrients needed to sustain the health of every members.

The quality of life of the family is however. affected to great extent by its size, large families are those with four (4) or more members. They need to provide more foods, compared to small families, if all members are to be adequately nourished. Usually smaller families with three (3) or less members, can provide bigger budget for their needs, since there are only few members.

Poor health results when family members do not meet their nutritional needs. Family size affects the amount of food that must be provided and made available for the consumption of members. More importantly, its affect the adequacy of nutrients that members get from what is available to eat.

Friday, January 8, 2010


Ulcer is an open sore in the skin on mucous membrane. A section of the covering membrane, the epithelium , breaks down and dies, leaving a raw area that heals slowly. A wound is not an ulcer.

Ulcers are likely to form on some part of the body which has poor blood circulation. Even a small injury on that part may lead to ulceration. The condition is common on legs with varicose veins. It is important to heal ulcers of the lips or skin, in order to prevent other conditions such as cancer from occurring.

Many persons have peptic ulcers (ulcers in the lining structure) in the stomach. Even more have peptic ulcers in the duodenum, the part of the intestine immediately below the stomach. Some of the causes or conditions that may lead to ulcers include heredity, nervous strain, poor circulation, or bad diet. But too much gastic juice is considered the real cause of stomach ulcers. Excess acid in the stomach keeps the ulcer from healing and help keep it chronic. Ulcers of this kind usually cause pain and distress in the pit of the stomach. They may sometimes bleed, and are most dangerous when they perorate (eat through) the organ. This may lead to peritonitis. Stomach ulcers are treated with alkaline drugs and careful diet. Some ulcers require surgical treatment.<>
Ulcers on the eyeball are dangerous. When a tooth ulcerates, an ulcer may form on the gum when pus has gathered around the root.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

United Nations

UNITED NATIONS (UN) is an organization of 132 nations that works for world peace and security and betterment of mankind. Countries of every part of the world belong to the UN. They range in size from Russia to the Maldives. Each member nation sends representatives to UN headquarters in New York City, where they discuss and try to solve problems.
The United Nations has two main goals: peace and human dignity. If fighting between two or more countries breaks out anywhere, the UN may be asked to try to stop it. After the fighting stops, the UN may help work out ways to keep out from the starting again. But the UN tries above all to deal with problems and disputes before they lead to fighting. It seeks the causes of war and tries to find ways to eliminate them.