Friday, April 30, 2010


Clauses are introduced by word if in a conditions. They have two types, the open and the factual conditions.

In open/factual conditions, the speaker states a condition that may or may not be fulfilled.


If + s + (verb - present).... + will ...

If Roel will not study, he will not pass.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


A. A gerund must always end in -ing. It is formed by adding -ing to the first principal part of the verb.


write - writing

exercise - exercising

plan - planning

B. The gerund is always used as a noun. (Subject, Direct Object, Predicate Nominative, Object of the Preposition, Appositive, Indirect Object, Object Complement)

C. Since gerund is formed from a verb, it maybe modified by an adverb. (Adverb distinctly in sentence 8 modifies the gerund speaking which is a subject.)

D. Gerund may havean object. Other verb complements may also follow the gerund. (Noun button is object of the gerund pushing, which is the object of the preposition by.)

Monday, April 26, 2010

Basic Electrical tools, equipment and their Uses

Pliers - are available in diff. types, shapes and sizes.

Screw Drivers - comes in various sizes and with several tips, shapes.

Drilling Equipment - is needed to make holes in building structures passage of conducts wire.

Sawing and Cutting Tools - commonly used by electrician include the crossout, keyhole and hacksaw.

Soldering Equipment

Hammers - are used w/ chisels & for nailing & filting.

Measuring Tools - such as extension rate. Push pull tape, rule, steel tape.

Miscellaneous tools and Equipment

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Different Methods of Planting Fruit Trees

- Deep Hole Method - used for barefoot seedlings and for potted stocks.

a. Dig a 20-50 cm. hole

b. Set the plants, using planting hole.

c. Fill the hole w/soil topsoil maybe placed at the center and subsoil, both side.

- Slit Method

a. Plunge the grub hoe, then pull to make a slit in soil.

b. Open the soil by handle downward.

c. Place the tree seedling into opening, open depth must cover the entire foot.

d. Plunge the grub a inch from the seedling and pull up the handle upward to close to slit.

e. Close the hole, avoid sleeping the seed.

-Trench Method

a. Thrust like spade w/planting position

b. Do same on the opposite, make V shape

c. Place on center of the hole.

d. Avoid stamping the seed.

- Center Hole Method

a. The hole should be large, separate top soil from subsoil.

- Slide Hole Method

a. Place the seedling to one side hole and fill w/soil.

- Cone Method

a. Make a hoel to farm a cone inside using topsoil.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Common Pests & Diseases & Their Control





When the animals keep on scratching their bodies

Barns & fences should be thoroughly clean & disinfect in 2% of aerosol or other cochlear disinfect.


Animals suffer from intense itching, inflammation, restlessness and lost of hair.

All pens & barns should keep clean & satisfied.

Hog Cholera

Are hemorrhagic the body organs & tissues show deep red spcet & lerotches





Gradual loss of weight chronic cough, and slow wasting away of body tissue

To treat the sick animal segregate it keep it in warm clean pace feed well

Food and Mouth Disease

High fever salvation and foam of the sides of the mouth, loss of appetite of leeside

Segregate the animal and report immediately to the BAL. The is buried. The premises are clean & sanitize to prevent disease from lecurring


High temperature & restlessness followed by depression, spasm, convulsion and death bloody discharge comes from the mouth genes other openings

The animals and the contamined materials are destroy buried or burned. Other infected or treated and the health ones, vaccinated.

Bovine Mastitis

Redness and swelling of affects parts reduced milk flow or market changed appearance of the secretion

Segregate the affected animal, clean and disinfect the quarries frequently

Hog Cholera

Inflammation of the lymphatic glands, kidney, lungs, intestine and skin. The lesions

Immunizing the pig w/ hog cholera vaccines.

Monday, April 19, 2010

The Importance of A Family Budget

Budget - is a plan as how family income should be spent

In budgeting, one considers the size of the family, its income, the needs of the family, and the locality where the family lives. Only when these factors are considered can the family have an Operation Budget.

Operational Budget - is a plan of family income is to be spent to provide for the family needs w/o incuring debs or deficits.

Saving - can grow in the from of investenant investing by putting your money into same thing that offers good profit will increase the income of the family.

To make family budgeting a faithful an satisfactory task the ff. pointers should be keep and mind.

1. Know your income

2. Determine your fixed and flexible expenses

3. Base the budget on a system of priorities

4. Have a record of expenses.

5. Make allowances for savings

Most Important

1. Food

2. Shelter

3. Clothing

4. Education

5. Household Operation

6. Utilities

7. Medical & Dental Care

8. Rest and Recreational

9. Savings

10. Jewelry

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Preparing a Food Budget for Lunch and Supper

Factors must be considered
1. Income - The higher the income, the bigger is the amount spent for food.

2. Size and Composition of the family
The bigger the family the bigger is the budget for food.

3. Social status of the family - A family of high social status entertain guest often which requires a big budget.

4. Food likes and dislikes of family members.

5. Current Food Prices

6. Knowledge and Skills of the Home maker good money Management helps minimize expenses for food.

The meal planner should know how to adjust the daily budget whenever needed. It she spends more in one day, her budget the next day is affected.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Efficient Management of Home Activities

Management is simply defined as the successful use of time, money and effort. This include personal and family living. Food, housing, clothing how to spend and invest your income the way you use talent and energy.

Management consists of all activities under brew to achieve certain goals and objectives.

Phases of Home life that requires skillful Management are the following:

1. Family adjustment

2. Budgeting the family income

3. Feeding the family

4. Clothing the family

5. Arranging and decorating the house

6. Keeping the house and Surrounding Convenient comfortable, safe and healthful

* Activities at home can be managed efficiently through the diff.

1. Family Membership who are physically strong can do the housekeeping, cleaning, home repair and maintenance.

2. Assigning task to family members.

3. Resources at home such as working across lightning fixtures should be given periodic checking to ensure efficient operation.

4. Entrepreneurial activity can be engaged in by children land other family members who have the interest experienced and training.

Decision Making : An aspect of Home Making is an important aspect of Management. Skill in Decision Making are first learned at how w/c is good training ground for family Member.

Aspect of Decision Making

1. Identifying the problem

2. Obtaining Information and formulating courses of action

3. Selecting the course of action

4. Family members participation on decision making.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Importance Of Family Adjustment

Following are pointers worth practicing to help bring harmonious relationship in the family.

1. Father, Mother and children will relate to one another if each one accept and does one's duty and responsibilities.

2. Children must love, obey and respect their parents who in turn should show love, understanding, consideration and concern for their welfare.

3. The golden rule "do into others as you would want others to do unto you "Shild be practiced by all members of the family.

4. Hold family council seasons when all members are at home to worked problems and difficulties.

5. Hold recreational activities to bring the family closer together and give members opportunity to enjoy each other companies.

6. Give and take relationship contribute to family adjustment.

7. Praying together faster close family in the home.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Uses of Plants in Agriculture and Industry

1. Beverages form Plants
Aside from the basic food we eat, plants are used as source of beverages. Coffee, tea and
cocoa are prepared by steering plant substances in hot water. Other drinks are ready made nature. Orange, lemon and grape juice; coconut milk; apple cider and apricot nectar are examples. Still, other beverages come from processed plant such as the "cola" drink from the cola nut of tropical America.

2. Clothing from Plants
Cotton, piƱa and abaca are used for clothing. Other man made fibers like rayon are
manufactured chiefly from cellulose, a plant product. Plants also furnish most of the dyestuff with which cloth are colored.

3. Shelter from Plant Materials
In the Philippines, most of the houses are made of bamboo. Within the home, the furniture
are chiefly on wood of plant fiber cloth. The wall covering is of paper, the paint are dried films of linseed oil and cork.

4. Plants in Medicines
Many medical plants discovered by primitive people are still in use today. The chemical
substances known as antibiotics are produced by the lowly bacteria and molds. Many plants like squash, ampalaya and malunggay are invaluable sources of vitamins. Some plant drugs are violent poisons and habit-forming narcotics.

5. Man Burns Plants For Fuel
Coal, oil and gas are the chief feeds used for heating and cooking. Wood continues to be burned
by heating in many parts in the world. Charcoal, a wood product, is an important fuel in countries where other fuels are unavailable.
Some plant seeds are the chief sources of cholesterol-free vegetable oils.

6. Plants For Recreation and Conservation
We must not forget to mention that plants make pleasant surroundings. The color and scent of flowers in gardens and hothouses, in national and local parks undeniably add beaty to such places .

Saturday, April 10, 2010


Vitamins participate in many biochemical reactions. They are, therefore, essential to basic life processes such as the conversation of food to energy, tissue growth and repair, and resistance of diseases. They must be present in the body in their proper proportions to enable it to function correctly. The absence of lack of the different vitamins will prevent the body from performing its normal/regular function . . . to maintain life.

Vitamins are classified into groups, fat soluble vitamins and water soluble vitamins.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Cousin's Graduation Day

This is Graduation of My Cousin last March 26, 2010. CONGRATULATION!